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Project Description

PIC – Ammonia Plant

Execution of Zero Ammonia Emission Project for Plant A & B at Petrochemical Industries Company.


This EHS improvement project is environmentally friendly and is a challenging and prestigious project both for PIC (Petrochemical Industries Co.) and to us as a contractor. It is the first of its kind in the Gulf Region. Its objective is to achieve reduction of emissions of health Hazard Ammonia to a Zero level. The project scope comprises of installing and commissioning 2 numbers of flare stacks on drilling towers at a Height of 75 meters, 600 pipe lines of different materials ranging from Carbon and stainless steel, sized 6 inches to 36 inches, 25 numbers of Heavy vessels, and filters at different Elevations. The challenge was to install Piping and Equipment in a dense location without accidents and records, and production loss. Project was Successfully Executed with Zero acciden