5 Nos of RC Reservoirs2019-03-05T15:08:36+03:00

Project Description

5 Nos of RC Reservoirs

Construction and Maintenance of 5 Nos of RC Ground Reservoirs for Freshwater at West Fitness Supply Installation and testy of Ductile Iron Piping Works, Electrical, Instrumentation, HVAC, Fire Fighting, Plumbing Irrigation Works.


Earth Work

  • Excavation for Reservoirs (1,100,000 m3)

  • Stabilization soil with cement (350,000 m3)

  • Back-filling (700,000 m3)

  • Excavation and back filling for pipes (12,700 LM) ROAD WORKS

  • Asphalt Concrete (I & II & III) 6 cm. thick per each type (154,000 SM)